My name is Jackson Dubois.

My name is Jackson Dubois and I’d like to welcome you to my bar located on Spui square in Amsterdam, where I serve you the best memories of my journey. My belief is that you can only understand a culture by tasting it and that’s exactly what I have done since I was eighteen. I’ve seen everything, tasted the most and remembered the best. In my restaurant, you will enjoy food and drinks from all around the globe.

Jackson is however not my real name. My American friends had trouble pronouncing Jean-Pierre, so it became Jackson. My last name is real though.

My story


Eat. Meet. Drink.

My love for beer and champagne is huge. As son of a winegrower in Reims, I developed a great interest in anything related to the sparkling wine at young age. During my trip around the world I met my second love: beer. I have tasted hundreds of brewages, perhaps even thousands, varying from the concoctions of local witch doctors to some of the most famous local beverages. In my bar you can enjoy a wide selection of craft beers and champagnes, both by the glass and bottle. From known wineries from my homeland to beers from foreign soil.

You can also have a snack or dinner in my bar; on the menu you’ll find my favourite dishes from all over the world. Delicious as a snack at the bar, or for an extensive dinner. Next to some traditional dishes such as the Big Boy’s Burger and an Indonesian Rice Table, a have a special section with Raw & Vegan dishes on the menu. To boost your energy levels, to reset your mind, to stimulate your wanderlust.

The menu


Let’s meet.

You can reach me by phone at +31646360044. Of course you can also book a table in the agenda on the right.

Visiting my bar with 8 people or more? Please choose my special menu for groups and call me to make the booking. I look forward to meeting you!

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Find me here.

My bar is located in the building of Caffe Esprit, where you can have breakfast or lunch during the day. Somewhere around 6:00pm, caffe Esprit changes into my bar. Same place, different world.

Bar Jackson Dubois
Spui 10, 1012 WZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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