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24 March 2016


When I visited Colombia it was one of the most prettiest surroundings I’ve seen in South-America. There are great places to sleep, perfect places to hike and mountain bike and definitely great spots to enjoy the sun. Don’t go to Colombia especially for the food, since the food is basically rice with fried chicken and corn wrap with feta cheese (arepa con queso). But if you search in the right places, Colombia will surprise you
17 March 2016


 Welcome to the land of cigars, rum and salsa! Since the embargo was eased with America earlier this year and the borders opened after 55 years, it seemed like a good time to write a blog about this beautiful country. If you ever plan to go there, go as quickly as possible; now you can discover Cuba still in its purest form! The best time to travel to Cuba on the period November to April.
17 March 2016

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a very green country where friendliness is paramount. Some time ago I’ve been on tour in this land of tea, rubber and coconuts. I would like to give you some brief tips that may come in handy if you’re planning a trip! Anuradhapura 200 kilometers from Colombo takes you a step back in time in Sri Lanka. This ancient royal city has for centuries been the capital of Ceylon. At the sacred
9 November 2015


Over the past month I have met lots of new people in Amsterdam, most of them live in the city and know all the tips and tricks. My buddy Michel already gave a few tours in Amsterdam, but during the last weeks I went out explore it myself. Like a true tourist! In my bar, I get lots of questions from guests about destinations abroad as well as tips about Amsterdam. For this reason I
16 October 2015


During my stay in Central America, where I stayed a long time with my friend Pablo in Mexico (and tasted the best tortilla ever), I visited a lot of different countries. Perhaps it is not the first destination that comes to mind, but Nicaragua is definitely worth it. It is a very friendly culture, people welcome you with open arms. Since I needed some rest after Carnival in Rio, I chose to enjoy some healthy
6 October 2015


 I have been told that Thailand has become one of the favorite holiday destinations of young Dutch adults over the past decade. Not strange, because it is a very diverse country. From the overwhelming capital Bangkok to the tranquil underwater world of Koh Tao. From scootering through the verdant region of Pai to the night market in Chiang Mai. And from steaming crowds under the full moon to sleeping on an island that you have
6 October 2015


What better to dedicate my first blog to the country that has stolen my heart: Malaysia. A very relaxed country with good facilities, sometimes almost in western proportions. The country is predominantly Muslim and has an open and friendly culture. Going to Malaysia is mainly to relax, even though the country offers activities such as jungle trekking, diving and shopping. You’ll find some tips below. Perhentian Islands Consider long commutes, but when you finnally arrive