During my stay in Central America, where I stayed a long time with my friend Pablo in Mexico (and tasted the best tortilla ever), I visited a lot of different countries. Perhaps it is not the first destination that comes to mind, but Nicaragua is definitely worth it. It is a very friendly culture, people welcome you with open arms. Since I needed some rest after Carnival in Rio, I chose to enjoy some healthy meals.

Isla Ometepe
This island is surrounded by the lake ‘Lago de Nicaragua’ and is the largest freshwater island in the world. Ometepe means two peaks, because the island is formed by two volcanoes. Rent a scooter and visit the Capitan Bar, along the main road as you drive from Moyogalpa towards Santo Domingo. You will also find the Ojo de Agua nearby, natural pools with crystal clear water. The water comes from an underground river of the Maderas volcano. While you’re driving, I recommend to have lunch at Natural, where the best vegetarian dishes are served. Take a smoothie, with fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. If you fancy a party with new friends, then stay overnight in Little Morgan’s Santa Cruz.

Visit Calle de Calseda! This is a street with lots of nice bars and restaurants. Nicaragua is (besides the beans) are not really known for its cuisine, so I chose a pizza. I can not remember the name of the restaurant, but it is the first one on the corner. Another must see is The Garden Café, a nice place of an American and his wife. Here everything is really fresh, they bake their own bread daily and is the fruit straight from the tree on your plate. Also visit the spa Mansion de Chocolate, which is run by blind people.

Here you will find the Basilica de la Asuncion, the largest cathedral in Latin America. Léon is not very touristy, but lively and has a wonderful history. I met artists and philosophers around the many churches, ideal to get to know a new culture. Take a look at the Cerro Negro volcano, you are getting a great view and will see some of the other volcanoes.

San Juan del Sur
Perhaps my favorite: El Gato Negro. A typical tent with a lovely living room atmosphere. It’s not cheap, but a cup of coffee is definitely worth the experience. Also a good breakfast. This blog might be a little short, I’m sorry for that. But I have to catch my train to St. Petersburg!