Over the past month I have met lots of new people in Amsterdam, most of them live in the city and know all the tips and tricks. My buddy Michel already gave a few tours in Amsterdam, but during the last weeks I went out explore it myself. Like a true tourist! In my bar, I get lots of questions from guests about destinations abroad as well as tips about Amsterdam. For this reason I have decided to dedicate the next blog on my website to my new home. Since I still have to see and visit a lot, this blog will continue to be supplemented with news and tips. Enjoy the city!

This beautiful park is perhaps the best reflection of Amsterdam culture. I immediately noticed how organized and tidy this is put together, without losing its historical value. In my opinion Sunday (before lunch) is the best moment of the week to visit the park; relaxed and happy people, from the homeless guy on the bench to the kids in the playground. The familiar atmosphere is something you do won’t find in many cities. If the weather permits, I love to take a terrace here, obviously with Kitchen & Bar Vondelpark3 of my friend Michel as favorite 😉

De Wasserette
Many tourists visit the Albert Cuyp market in De Pijp, a busy area where always something is going on. If I’m honest, I don’t recommend the market because it is a tourist trap and lots of junk is being sold. If you want to visit a typical Dutch market, go to the Noordermarkt in the Jordaan. Here you will find stalls with real real real market vendors and it even has an entire organic department. Back to De Pijp, where De Wasserette can be found on the Gerard Dou square. Do not visit it for its service, because you have to stand in line at the counter to place your order. Visit it for the roll with chicken, avocado, bacon and Parmesan cheese. It’s divine, especially in combination with a place on the small terrace, so you can watch the young people of Amsterdam passing by.

Rijks Museum
This impressive place really needs little explanation. The museum has been closed for refurbishment for a decade. Inside you experience a mix of historical and modern architecture, while getting caught by the overwhelming paintings. Mind you, it can be extremely busy (especially during international holidays). So make sure you’re there on time or on the road with something to eat and drink while standing in line.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ
Many people do not know that this brewery, responsible for one of the most popular beers in the city, exists since 1985. It is situated in an old bathhouse at the Funenkade in eastern district, next to a large mill. During summer the terrace is a nice spot to enjoy a tasty beer out of their own kitchen. My favorites are the Natte and the IPA, or a double red-brown beer of 6.5% and a dark ale of 7%. Although they are both on the menu at my bar, a beer from Brouwerij ‘t IJ still tastes best while consumed in their own tasting room.

Ron Gastrobar Oriental
What a night I had here! The host Rogier, the beauty of the venue (by the immense popularity a bit cramped) and the food are ingredients for a perfect night out. The restaurant describes itself as Asian with an international twist. All the dim sums are fingerlickin ‘good to start your dinner with. The main courses you can choose from duck, turbot or Black Angus (for two persons) or from a variety of smaller dishes (also meant for sharing). Although I’ve heared many good stories about the Peking duck, I chose the small dishes during my visit. The Ta Tan (Black Angus tartare), the Pai Kwat (the famous BBQ spare ribs) and the Yuan Hok Hai (soft shell crab) are my absolute favorites.

I do not know if this is the correct name for the bakery, due to the amount of champagne which I consumed in The Butcher and some other bars. The bakery, which is located at the intersection of the Ferdinand Bolstraat and Ceintuurbaan, is open when the business is closed. A vague description huh? Lol. The municipality tolerates that this bakery serves customers outside the permitted business hours. So you can order a delicious (hot!) ham & cheese croissant or a sausage roll at four in the morning. Okay, they taste not as good as in Rheims, but sure they’re nice!

Maybe a little less nice about the city, but certainly a useful tip during a visit. I heard that in Amsterdam lots of phones are stolen in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Always put it in your front pocket or your bag and beware!