When I visited Colombia it was one of the most prettiest surroundings I’ve seen in South-America. There are great places to sleep, perfect places to hike and mountain bike and definitely great spots to enjoy the sun. Don’t go to Colombia especially for the food, since the food is basically rice with fried chicken and corn wrap with feta cheese (arepa con queso). But if you search in the right places, Colombia will surprise you with fresh fish from the sea, the best fruit juices and high end star cuisine.

Go to Manizales for the best coffee Colombia has to offer. This town is located in the coffee triangle and offers great tours to small and large coffee farms. Don’t forget to take enough coffee for back home! Go for the mountain bike tour down the volcano de Ruiz, but make sure you know how to ride a bike. For a great dinner experience go to PSG Buffalo Serrano; it has it all, especially the service is great.

Since you are close to this little city when you are in Manizales, don’t skip Salento. It is a very small town. Stay in la Serrana for a relaxing stay with a great view and very nice staff! Make your way down the hill and end up at several coffee farms, go to Don Elias and if you speak Spanish this 84-yearold guy will guide you around his very own build coffee farm. The most beautiful nature you will find in Valle de Cocora, where they have the highest wax trees in the country.

For a great party you have to go to Medellin. Make sure you’ll have lunch at Mondongos to get the best cultural experience on food. They will serve you a plate with lots of calories as they used too for the poor people who could only afford one meal a day.  Go to Jardin for a night to see the prettiest and most slow-paced town to experience the Colombian culture.

When you visit Colombia you cannot disregard the coast, make your way through Cartagena and enjoy the nightlife and souvenir shopping. Since I was at the coast I’ve decided to spend some money and enjoy the best fish restaurant in town, Carmen. The night was great with full of surprises like the staff, the wine and especially the combinations in food! To end my vacation with a relaxing period I’ve went to Tayrona park, sleep outside in a hammock and lay on the most beautiful beaches by day, where you can eat the best hidden ceviche fresh from the sea.